Welcome to Tale-Tell.com!  Here at Tale-Tell, you’ll find information and artwork for The Adventures of Rel Rel: Lost Mirror.  The Adventures of Rel Rel is an Ebook, written by J.J. and Jen Evangelista.  That’s us.  Hello!  Aside from writing, we are also trying to bring our story to life in the form of an Audio Book, Cosplay, and a 3 episode Flash animation.

So why the name Tale-Tell?  Because we like to write and draw stuff.  This site is dedicated to our stories.  Hopefully, there will be more in the future.  Aside from that, everyone has a Tale to Tell.  These are ours.  What would yours say about you?  So yeah, Tale-Tell, get it?

We try to update our blog every Monday –or every other Monday– so be sure to check back weekly!  Also, feel free to like, follow, and subscribe to us on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. If you’ve found your way here, welcome again to Tale-Tell.com!